ECHO Passes Are Here: Plan your visit now!!

By Danielle Petrilak

Logo of ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain

The ECHO Center on Lake Champlain is a must-see for anyone in the Burlington area! With multiple exhibits, fish, reptiles, and amphibian species, you’ll learn all about the nature and care of Lake Champlain. The Miller Information Commons has special access through the Library ECHO Pass, available for check out online! These passes are being accessed virtually to avoid as much transfer contact as possible during COVID-19, while still allowing people to visit the center for a fun, educational experience.

What is the Echo Center?

Located on Lake Champlain, the ECHO Center is home to multiple species of fish, reptiles, and amphibians that call Lake Champlain their home. When visiting, you’ll receive interactive learning experiences and a closer look into what Lake Champlain has to offer — you might even catch a glimpse of Champ, the resident lake monster! 

Library Card Benefits

If you visit the Echo Center with a library membership card, you gain access to reduced admission prices! These benefits include:

  • $7 admission for adults up to four people per card! (18+) 

This card can be used until April of 2023.

Checking Out the Pass

Unlike past years, the Echo Library Pass is only available online. This is to reduce the amount of contact a card would require. To use this pass register yourself online at the ticketing website and use the code VTLib2020 to receive the discount. Students and employees will need to register for a trip ahead of time because of the limited amount of people allowed in the building at once.

Stop by the Miller Information Commons for help accessing or using the card to purchase tickets online, or for more information!

Danni Petrilak, ‘22 // Creative Media, is a writer for Champlain’s Media Team and works for Champlain College Library. You can find some of her published work in Wingless Dreamer, Chivomengro, The View, and Storm of Blue Press.