Monthly Archives: September 2009

EVENT: Jeff Rutenbeck’s Meaningful Books

The Miller Information Commons’ “Meaningful Books” series highlights Jeff Rutenbeck.Tuesday, Sept. 15, Noon, MIC Vista Room When asked for a bio, Jeff’s response was his usual: collaborative and inclusive. He says, “Please help me explore my subconscious mind as I examine my personal relationship with scholarly works (Lars Qvortrup, Raymond Williams, Rob Kling, Marshall McLuhan, […]

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DISPLAY: The Community Book Program

On Display at the Library: Champlain College’s Community Book Program No matter what you do at Champlain, you can talk to someone else on campus about the book we’re all reading this year. The 2009 Community Book is Standing Up to the Madness: Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times by Amy and David Goodman. Previous books […]

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