Champlain joins NITLE

Champlain College is now an institutional member of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE), a community-based, non-profit initiative that helps colleges and universities explore and implement digital technologies. NITLE’s mission is to catalyze innovation to advance liberal education in the digital age. As their website describes, “We are centrally concerned with the integration of technology into teaching and learning, strategic approaches to managing technology infrastructure on small campuses, and the impact and implications of emerging technologies for liberal education.”
Champlain faculty and staff members can take advantage of Champlain’s NITLE membership in several ways:

  1. Join an online community and share ideas about teaching with colleagues at other schools. Sample communities include: Advancing pedagogical uses of technology on campus,… Teaching about North Africa, the Middle East, and Islam …Teaching and supporting teaching of languages and cultures (see details)
  2. Follow NITLE’s blogs
  3. Participate in online sessions held in the “virtual auditorium” on topics such as “Teaching with Mobile Devices: Mapwalks” or “Using Technology to Teach Contemporary Political Conflicts” (see more information on virtual as well as F2F events)
  4. Learn more about NITLE via the NITLE website