Banned Books Week! Monday, Sept. 23-Friday, Sept. 27

Greetings, provocateurs, creative minds, and proponents of free-speech —

The Library is excited to announce an event in honor of Banned Books Week, running this year from Monday, Sept. 23 through Friday, Sept. 27.  

What’s a Banned Book?  Banned books are those that have restricted access.  These books have been removed from libraries and classrooms in areas across the country based upon objections of a person or group.  Proposals to ban books stem from many different causes, from profanity to sexuality, and other topics that some consider “unpopular” or even “unorthodox.”  Check out our display on the First Floor featuring a number of banned books from our collection.  We bet you’ll be surprised by some of the titles you see there!
What’s Banned Books Week?  An annual event celebrating the freedom to read and the importance of the First Amendment by bringing attention to the dangers of censorship.  Libraries promote the freedom to choose or express any and all opinions, even if those opinions go against the grain or challenge the “status quo.”  Ensuring that even those “objectionable” viewpoints are available for anyone who wishes to read them is important to us.  Banned Books Week gives us a time to showcase and talk about these topics to make people aware.
We will have displays devoted to banned books, some sweet buttons, and other fun swag to celebrate Banned Books Week.  As a special highlight this year, we are holding our first Banned Books Read-Out.  From 10am-4pm, at various times throughout the day, members of the Champlain community will be reading aloud from their favorite banned books.  Story time from objectionable books?  What’s not to like?  Come hang out with us!

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