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OCTOBER 4 will mark the 110th anniversary of Grace Goodhue’s marriage to Calvin Coolidge, future President of the United States. Held in the parlor of Grace’s parents’ house on Maple Street in Burlington–now Champlain College’s Goodhue Coolidge House–the wedding was a small affair, with only fifteen family members and close friends attending.

The Goodhue Coolidge house, c. 1899 Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum, Forbes Library, Northampton, MA

The Goodhue Coolidge house, c. 1899
Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum, Forbes Library, Northampton, MA

Mrs. Coolidge later recalled,

The wedding ceremony has seldom united two people of vastly different temperaments and tastes than on the fourth of October, 1905, when Mr. Coolidge and I made our marriage vows standing in the bay window in the parlor of my father’s home. The afternoon sun shone in through the lace curtains and the fragrant clematis which some of my friends had brought in and arranged so that it trailed over the windows.

Calvin and Grace Coolidge's Wedding Invitation, 1905, Champlain College Archives

Calvin and Grace Coolidge’s Wedding Invitation, Champlain College Archives

None of the wedding guests likely realized that eighteen years later, Calvin Coolidge would become president of the United States.

For more on the Coolidges and the history of the Goodhue Coolidge House, view the new exhibition in the Coolidge Reading Room in the Coolidge House at 312 Maple Street.

Burlington’s Maltex Company

IN 1900, BREAKFAST CEREAL WAS BIG BUSINESS. Quaker Oats, Wheatena, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, and Grape-nuts were all new inventions, capitalizing on American consumers’ desire for packaged breakfast foods that were easy to prepare. Looking for a new investment, Burlington businessman William J. Van Patten acquired the rights to a hot cereal recipe made from wheat and […]

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Remembering Oliver Sacks

Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks died on Sunday, August 30, at age 82. He’d announced in February that he was in the final stages of terminal cancer, and wrote a beautiful essay in the New York Times about what that meant to him: Over the last few days, I have been able to see my life as from a great […]

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Welcome back, students!

Here at the Champlain College Library, and across campus, we are looking forward to our students’ return at the end of August. The College Archives contains many images documenting the annual ritual of move-in day, which has occurred on campus since our first dormitory, Jensen Hall, opened in 1965. Here are a couple of good […]

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Champlain College: Empowering Women Since 1878

NEW RESEARCH INTO THE EARLY HISTORY of Champlain College has revealed that the College has admitted women since its establishment in 1878. Champlain was founded as the Burlington Collegiate Institute and Commercial College, a private, for-profit school offering professional business training and college prep classes. An advertisement for the 1878-1879 school year boasts:  “This institution […]

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