Champlain Chautauqua: Edible Books Festival!

Take part in Champlain’s first Edible Books Festival!
Where: Miller Information Commons
When: Tuesday, April 1
Entries on display from 11am | Judging will begin at Noon
Formal tasting/awards ceremony begins at 3pm!
Prize Categories include:
Best Individual Entry
Best Group Entry
People’s Choice
What Is It?: The Edible Books Festival is an international, multi-media, participatory creative event which invites us all to a “world banquet where delicious, surprising bookish foods will be consumed.”  Playful and provocative, the festival explores the integration of food with “text, literary inspiration or, quite simply, the form [of the book].”
For examples, visit the links below:
Special Thanks to the Edible Books Committee – Betsy Beaulieu, Janet Cottrell, Sean Leahy, and Steve Wehmeyer