Brown Bag #11: “Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: Three Documentaries”

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next Monday…..
March 24th —
Brown Bag Discussion #11
“Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: Three
Dr. Rula Quawas
Fulbright scholar-in-residence, Core Division
Where and when: Freeman
Large Conference Room, President’s Office, 12:30-2
About this
We tend to speak
about women who come from the Muslim world and we come to discuss their
powerful and political voices which break the silence and blaze new pathways
within the terrain of Arab feminisms. By viewing three short films about the
personal stories of women from the Muslim world, you will bear witness to
women’s realities, their hopes, their challenges and their solutions. You will
create a space for yourself to experience the diversity and complexity of the Islamic
world through the eyes of mothers and daughters and of sisters and wives who
are determined to go against the grain and speak their mind. The short
documentaries will give you a unique and deep perspective of women of all
faiths and backgrounds living in Muslim-majority countries. They will create a
circle that can open up spaces for dialogues that accept the rights and
freedoms of individuals and respect for pluralism and freedom of speech.
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